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Terms and Conditions/Disclainers|International Shipping

Terms and Conditions/Disclaimers

Members of IERE Express Couriers Ltd are required to agree to and abide by the following terms and conditions:


IERE Express will receive and sign for any packages that are delivered to
our Miami, Florida office via:

  • United States Postal Service
  • FedEx, UPS, DHL, or any other courier service
  • In Person/Hand Delivery

Examples of such packages may include online, phone purchases or items ordered via catalog.

Prohibited Items:
Trinidad and Tobago Customs & Excise have placed restrictions on shipping certain items to the islands.

The following items are prohibited from being shipped via air freight:

  • Ammunition and weapons — to include firearms, knives, and swords
  • Animal skins
  • Bamboo articles
  • Camouflage clothing or equipment
  • Cash
  • Hazardous materials – to include tear gas, pepper spray, poison, fireworks, corrosive cleaning solutions, flammable liquids or solids such as lighters or matches, pressurized containers, or alcohol or any item with alcohol listed as an ingredient
  • Honey
  • Illegal substances
  • Live plants and perishables
  • Pornographic materials
  • Wet cell batteries

Package and Shipment Restrictions:

  • Shipping costs are calculated based on whichever is greater between the actual weight and the volumetric weight, which is calculated in pounds using the formula (L x B x H)/166 (See Shipping Estimator)
  • IERE Express will not accept and pay for Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) shipments at our Miami, Florida office
  • Our IERE Express Miami, Florida office will not accept opened or damaged packages. We will notify you if your package arrives in this condition
  • According to new Trinidad and Tobago Customs and Excise mandates (effective March 31st, 2012), all air and sea shipping cargo carrier companies must submit their detailed shipping manifests (lists) for each shipment online to the new Terminal Operated System (TOS) prior to arrival in Trinidad. As a result, IERE Express must provide our air freight cargo carrier with prompt and accurate information (description, declared value, weight, package dimensions) contained in an invoice for each package prior to it being shipped to Trinidad and Tobago
  • An invoice must accompany all packages we receive at our IERE Express Miami, Florida office. Proper invoicing will allow packages to be cleared quickly through TT Customs, while improper paperwork could result in a delay to your package delivery. IERE Express Members will be contacted if their package arrives without its original invoice. Members will be responsible for providing IERE Express the proper information regarding package description and declared value for IERE Express invoice creation and processing of package to be shipped (if no original invoice accompanies a shipment, an additional invoice processing fee will be charged (see our Rates/Fees page for more information.)
  • Items that are imported for personal use will be considered "non-trade" with a value no greater than USD$3,000. Any charges that are required to clear your "non-trade" packages will be paid up front by IERE Express. Member will be billed for all clearance fees upon delivery of their package(s)
  • Shipments with a value greater than US$3,000.00 will be deemed "trade" shipments, or packages imported for commercial use. These shipments will require additional documentation, in order to clear customs


IERE Express can save you on freight charges by repackaging your items in a smaller box or padded envelope. If we can save our Members five (5) or more pounds of freight per package, we will do so at our discretion. This service is provided to our Members for a minimal repackaging fee (see our Rates/Fees page).

Limitations of Liability

  • Our IERE Express Miami, Florida office will assume responsibility for your package upon arrival and not prior to that time. We are not liable for opened or damaged packages, nor for the damage or loss of package items prior to arrival
  • We are not responsible for Member errors, such as an incorrect declaration of the value of goods or incorrect addresses
  • IERE Express is not liable for damages, losses, or packages that are delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. These could include acts of nature, terrorism, government, or public authority
  • IERE is not responsible for consequential loss. Such loss may include a loss of income or business opportunity due to packages that are lost, damaged, delayed, or undelivered
  • IERE Express is not responsible for the amount of Duty and/or VAT charged by Trinidad and Tobago Customs and Excise on a shipped package
  • It is the Member’s responsibility to obtain any special approvals that may be required to clear certain packages (for example: a Food and Drug Stamp). IERE Express will inform you immediately if any of these are necessary. Rent will be charged on packages left in the courier bond for more than two (2) days
  • In the event of an eligible loss or damage of package, IERE Express will be liable for a maximum of USD$10.00 per pound (regardless of package value). It is recommended that additional insurance be purchased ahead of time for any valuable items being shipped. IERE Express offers additional cargo insurance for members to purchase in the amount of USD$2.00 per USD$100.00 declared value of the item to be shipped (subject to change). Purchasing additional cargo insurance ensures your FRAGILE goods will be protected from the time they leave our IERE Express Miami office until they are received at their final destination. (Examples of FRAGILE goods include: Electronics, glass and other breakable items.)
  • Damage Claims. These should be reported to IERE Express within 24 hours of delivery. Please visit our Support Page for more information or to fill out a Claim Form
  • Packages that are not securely packed or that contain items on our Prohibited Items List cannot have a claim processed
  • Lost Claims. Losses are extremely rare, but when they do happen IERE Express will work diligently to process the claim within five (5) working days of the date the package was declared lost. You will need to provide the original declared value invoices for the contents of the consignment. Claims are unable to be processed without this information. Please visit our Support Page for more information or to fill out a Claim Form
  • If you have not opted to purchase additional cargo insurance, it may take up to twenty-eight (28) working days to complete a claim. When additional cargo insurance is purchased, claims are typically completed within twenty-eight (28) days (including weekends)
  • IERE Express is NOT the insurer for claims. Whether you use IERE Express’ standard insurance (as covered under our air freight carrier’s larger umbrella insurance policy) or purchase additional (Fragile) cargo coverage, the insurance you purchase will be under our air freight carrier’s larger umbrella insurance policy. Any claims that are paid out will be paid into our IERE Express’ account and we will forward a reimbursement check to you for the full amount. We do not offer a credit note policy
  • According to new Trinidad and Tobago Customs and Excise mandates (effective March 31st, 2012), all air and sea shipping cargo carrier companies must submit their manifests for each shipment online to the new Terminal Operated System (TOS) prior to arrival in Trinidad. Members will be responsible for providing any necessary documentation for packages that arrive in Trinidad without invoices attached. IERE Express will notify you if your package arrives at our Miami, Florida office without the proper paperwork: IERE Express will generate your invoice for an additional charge to you (see Rates/Fees page for more information). Packages without evidence of declared value will be bonded with a TT customs broker to await release
  • Members will be informed of any special approvals that are required to clear your package. The IERE Express Member will be responsible for obtaining the necessary approvals, such as a Food and Drug Stamp, or if package is over the "non-trade" value of USD$3,000.00. Packages left in the courier bond for more than two (2) days will be charged a rent by Service Air Trinidad and Tobago Ltd
  • IERE Express will temporarily suspend your account if there are any outstanding charges on your account. Your account will be reinstated upon full payment of all outstanding charges
  • IERE Express Members will be automatically billed the annual renewal rate when the Member’s account renewal is due
  • IERE Express reserves the right to terminate this agreement by giving Members four (4) weeks notice


  • IERE Express will pay all TT Customs & Excise Duties and Value Added Tax charges in advance, on behalf of our Member that is required to clear your packages. The Member will be billed all charges upon delivery — to be detailed in the IERE Express invoice
  • IERE Express accepts PayPal, all major Visa and MasterCard credit cards and Linx Debit bank cards online and at our IERE Express offices in Trinidad. We accept cash TTD$ (for Trinidad & Tobago dollars) USD$ (for US Dollar) as well, but ONLY at our Trinidad IERE Express offices. All package deliveries are on a C.O.D. basis and every effort will be made to contact the Member regarding these charges prior to delivery

Storage of Packages in Trinidad

  • IERE Express will store packages on your behalf, and at your request, for a period of up to two (2) weeks. Any package that remains unclaimed beyond two (2) weeks will be charged a storage fee. Please visit our Rates/Fees page for more information
  • After thirty (30) days from receipt, any unclaimed packages will be discarded