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International skybox courier service

US/Trinidad Express Courier Services

IERE Express Couriers, Ltd. Services

IERE Express Couriers Ltd. is your Premier International Air Courier/Skybox, Ocean Freight and Domestic Courier service. We are pleased to deliver Personalized Customer Service Par Excellence!

Motto: We Purchase, Pack, Ship, Deliver . . . Toute Bagai!

We offer Personal (single/family), as well as Corporate Shopper (multiple authorized users) Air Courier/Skybox and Ocean Shipping Accounts.

Overview of Our Services:

  • International Air Courier/US Skybox Mail Service: IERE Members living in Trinidad and Tobago or in the USA and Canada have the opportunity to shop online or by phone in the USA and have their mail and packages shipped to IERE MIA. Our IERE MIA and TT teams will work diligently to process, ship, clear and safely deliver packages to you or your family members in Trinidad and Tobago in a timely manner
  • Repackaging and Consolidation of Air Courier/Skybox Packages: IERE Members who send packages to IERE MIA, can request repackaging and consolidation via email, to save the IERE Member 5lbs or more on Air freight charges will pay a nominal service fee. IERE Members can request via email to have their packages Consolidated — collected and repackaged in one box.
    Please Note: We consolidate up to two (2) packages into one (1) within one shipping week (up to 5 days). Anything beyond the 5 days for consolidation will be subject to a service fee.
    *All Electronic items and certain fragile items cannot be consolidated
  • Your Personal Shopping Concierge: You do not need to be an Internet Shopping Expert! Our IERE Personal Shopping Concierge will assist you to find and purchase items on your behalf online or in person within the Miami-Dade and Broward County, South Florida areas.
    Please Note: There are upfront service charges on the cost of items purchased online or in person by IERE Express to facilitate the use of our credit card services, as well as with fuel charges for in person pick-up and purchasing services. (Call us or visit our Rates & Fees Page for additional information)
  • Ocean Freight Service: IERE Members can purchase bulk items on skids, barrels, crates, less than a container load and container loads and have our IERE MIA team arrange logistics for repackaging, document preparation, trucking to port and shipping to Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean destinations
  • Repackaging and Consolidation of Small, Large Cargo and Barrels: Our IERE MIA team can collect and consolidate your packages within the 5 business day shipping week, in envelopes, boxes, barrels and on skids, prepare documents and drop off for port shipment for a nominal service fee
  • Domestic Courier Services: IERE Members in Trinidad are able to call for pick up of their packages for same day delivery to any destination within Trinidad — in development stage

Services include:

Personal Shopping accounts
One authorized user (single/family) on the Member account
Corporate Shopper accounts
Multiple authorized users on the Member account
International U.S. Mail Services
IERE Express Members living in Trinidad and Tobago have the opportunity to shop online or by phone in the USA and have their packages promptly processed, shipped and safely delivered to them in Trinidad and Tobago
Special Promos and Benefits Only for IERE Express Members
The more you ship with us, the more you $ave! Plus, a chance to win promo prizes!

Your Personal Shopping Concierge
You do not need to be an Internet Shopping Expert. Your Personal Shopping Concierge will assist you by finding and purchasing items on your behalf in person in the US or on the internet. An upfront % service charge will be assessed on the cost of the items purchased, for the use of our credit card services
Shop in Miami and Save Money
As an IERE Express Member, you can drop off your additional luggage/bags at our IERE Express Miami, Florida office for TT shipping to avoid high excess baggage fees by the airlines
"Junk Mail" Discarding
We will send your important personal mail and discard all junk mail

Repackaging Services
If IERE Express can save you on freight charges by repackaging your items in a smaller box or padded envelope, we will do so at our discretion. This service is provided to our Members for a minimal repackaging fee (see our Rates/Fees page). For more information, please visit our Package Processing page
Package Tracking
We offer a package tracking service to our IERE Express Members, allowing them to track their packages at their own convenience
Email Notifications
We notify you via email throughout the Package Shipping Process

Customs Clearance
Our TT IERE Express Air Shipping Agents will clear your packages through the Trinidad and Tobago Customs Service upon arrival at Piarco International Airport
OCEAN CARGO: Our TT IERE Express Ocean Shipping Agents will clear your heavy cargo through the Trinidad and Tobago Customs Service upon arrival at Point Lisas Port
Package Delivery/Pick Up in person
Your Air cargo packages will be delivered to you in three (3) business days unless otherwise directed. You may choose to pick up your packages at our IERE Express Trinidad office within the two weeks immediately following email notification of clearance through TT Customs
Up Front Payment of Duties, VAT and Other "Non-Trade" Fees
IERE Express will pay all Duties, VAT and other "non-trade" fees required to clear your packages through Customs (non-trade items are those imported for your personal use). You will be billed for all clearance fees upon delivery of your package(s). Please visit our Rates/Fees page for more information
Package Storage
IERE Express will store packages on your behalf, and at your request, for a period of up to two (2) weeks. Any package that remains unclaimed beyond two (2) weeks will be charged a storage fee. Please call us or visit our Rates/Fees page for more information
Domestic Courier Services/Package Delivery
Our Trinidad IERE Express Members can call to arrange for package delivery the next day from the date of scheduling, to most areas within Trinidad
Automatic Membership Renewal
There is no need to worry about your IERE Express Membership expiring. Your IERE Express Member account will be renewed automatically unless IERE Express has been advised otherwise